Ph.D in Classical Kannada Curriculum

Prof. M.V.Alagawadi
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor(i/c)


Prof. B.B Pujari

Centre for Classical Kannada
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Introduction: India is an abode of 1652 or so mother tongues rationalised into 122 languages.There are four categories of languages. Read more..........

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    The Central University of Karnataka through the Statute 45 [Section 26 (k) of the Act], after receiving the assent of the Visitor to the statue vide letter No.F.42-26/2009-Desk(U) of April 19, 2011 from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi has established the Centre for Classical Kannada

     The Centre is established for undertaking - research on various aspects of Classical Kannada, to conduct short term courses and also to train future generation of scholars for sustenance and continuity. Also there shall be a full-time regular course leading for Ph. D programme. The w ork of the Centre is envisaged in a continuous research mode.

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