1. Kannada Historical / Diachronic Linguistics
    2. Descriptive Linguistic Studies of Classical Period (including phonology, morphology, syntax, syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface of the successive classical periods).
    3. Stylistics and text linguistics of the texts (of Classical Period including inscriptional texts)
    4. Corpus Development for the texts of Classical Period (including inscriptional texts)
    5. Grammatical Treatise of Kannada which constitute a part of technical texts (sastra granthas) of Kannada.
    6. Lexicography of Classical period (both study of the traditional lexicographic works and developing modern lexicographic resources for the language of Classical Period, text specific dictionaries).
    7. Glottochronology and Etymological Studies.
    8. Graphology and evolution of Kannada script system.
    Epigraphy & Manuscriptology
    1. Karnataka Epigraphy (inscriptional studies - stone inscriptions. metal and non-metal inscriptions, veeragallu (hero stones), nisadigallu (nisadi stones) and mastigallu etc.
    2. Manuscriptology of classical period (developing critical versions, interpretation and criticism Etc.)
    3. Documentation and Digitalisation of Handwritten texts (manuscripts of a text, administrative correspondences, letter correspondence of important personalities or institutions (like private and religious institutions, asrams, mathas, temples. Basadis etc., which are a significant record of Kannada language pertaining to the classical period, which are not available yet for academic persuasion).
    4. Unfocused texts, palm leaf manuscripts or handwritten material, of which the dating and relevance are yet to be studied.
    History of Kannada Language and Karnataka in the perspective of Indian History
    1. Classical texts and inscriptions as sources for political History of Karnataka and India.
    2. Historiography of Kannada language
    3. Historiography of Kannada literature.
    Religion Studies
    1. Religious poetry of Classical period
    2. Religion studies- Classical Period (Based on Classical Texts, both poetic and technical texts, and also based on inscriptions)
    Technical texts / shaastra granthas
    1. Technical texts / sastra granthas of Classical Period (excluding poetic 'exegeses' and grammatical treatise)
    Classical literature and Comparative literature
    1. Classical poetry and literature
    2. Comparative study of texts and written documents of Kannada Classical period with the texts and written documents of any other constitutionally
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