The objectives and academic functions of the Centre are to:
    1. Conduct short term courses in the concerned disciplines and ensure training of future
  • generation of scholars in the classical language for
  • sustenance and continuity.
    2. Develop corpus of the texts of classical period including texts of inscriptions.
    3. Facilitate teaching and learning Kannada using modern equipment and evolve methods of
  • application of information and communication
  • technology.
    4. Hold seminars / workshops / conferences etc.
    5. Focus on unpublished manuscripts / inscriptions and epigraphic literature available in Oriental libraries and other repositories.
    6. Publish rare written works.
    7. Have a regular course leading to Ph.D.
    8. Coordinate and provide a think tank in the areas of studies.
    9. Provide a veritable archive for the studies in the Classical Kannada
    10. Take up any other programmes / projects as suggested by the advisory committee from time to time.