Research will at the first instance be focused on texts, inscriptions and oral epics including folklore as relevant to Classical Kannada Studies. The areas to be covered will be the once that are not so well covered by the scholars till now.

    A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    The classical Kannada studies have yielded fruits in the past centuries. They are of two types, core and applied. When both are compared the applied and inter-disciplinary once are wanting. The knowledge texts are less researched for their native knowledge base. Most of the interdisciplinary studies need knowledge of two or more subjects and competence in an individual scholar which is not easily available. If this is not possible, two or more scholars of different academic disciplines have to work together to achieve the goal. Here research is not for research sake but it is aimed at filling the gaps that exist in the current research. In addition to taking up core research, the focus will be more on inter-disciplinary studies of the Classical Kannada texts which include oral epics including folklore as relevant to Classical Kannada Studies also.

    B. Language Development Studies
    A study of historical development of Kannada prose as seen in literature and inscriptions shall be undertaken.

    C. Vocabulary Studies
    Vocabulary used by different professions, shaastra grantha, knowledge texts, culture, names of places and persons, shall be studied which results in the preparation of padakoosha and padaparyooga koosha for all of them.

    D. Interrelation Studies
    Exploration of inter relation between Classical Kannada written texts and oral epics including folklore as relevant to Classical Kannada Studies.

    E. Languages in Contact Studies
    A historical survey/ study of the relations that have prevailed between Prakrut and Kannada, Sanskrit and Kannada, Persian / Arabic and Kannada shall be undertaken.

    F. Translation Studies
    Translating the un- translated works shall be undertaken. But it is generally found that translations move from Kannada to English easily, than from Kannada to any other constitutionally recognised language. Hence where ever it is possible, such efforts shall be made. Concurrently translation studies involving already translated texts would also be taken up.